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We are delighted to announce the 9th PARADIM@JHU Summer School on Novel Semiconductor Frontiers: Accelerating Materials Design and Development. The advancements in microelectronics, sensors, and quantum information technologies demand materials with superior properties for device performance. The repatriation of semiconductor chip industries in the United States through the CHIPs act has ignited the interest in the new semiconductor research frontiers such as ultra-wide bandgap and high thermal conductivity candidates for high power and high frequency applications, magnetic semiconductors for memory/sensing applications at room temperature, and ferroelectrics for novel combined switching and storage elements. There is a need for new materials for going beyond CMOS to enable new revolutions in power efficiency, device performance, and new applications (e.g. based on superconducting circuits). In this school, we will hear from experts ranging from materials discovery and synthesis to the practical challenges in translation to usable technologies. The hands-on activities will focus on approaches to rapidly identify and test new crystalline materials for potential use in these areas, with a focus on measures of crystalline quality and their impact on device performance.


Registration (incl. fees) will be provided.  Attendees will be responsible for travel and housing costs.  Food will be provided. Scholarships for non-R1 attendees are available to cover the cost of travel and housing.



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