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Darrell Schlom Headshot

March 2024

PARADIM Co-director Darrell Schlom received the 2024 FMD John Bardeen Award. This award given by the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions and is a leader in the field of electronic materials. Read More

Berry award

January 2024

Former PARADIM Trainee Tayna Berry: 2024 Richard L. Greene Dissertation Award in Experimental Condensed Matter or Materials Physics Recipient Read more


November 2023

Professor David Muller (PARADIM Director of Electron Microscopy facility) was recognized as The 2024 Joseph F. Keithley Award For Advances in Measurement Science recipient. The award recognizes physicists who have been instrumental in the development of measurement techniques or equipment that have impact on the physics community by providing better measurements. Prof. Muller was recognized for pioneering a new generation of electron detectors and phase-sensitive reconstruction algorithms leading to significant advances in the resolution and capabilities of electron microscopes. Read more


November 2023

Nathaniel Schreiber: APL Materials Excellence in Research Award 

2nd Prize: Nathaniel Schreiber and Ludi Miao for A Model Heterostructure with Engineered Berry Curvature

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September 2023

David Muller: The 2023 John Cowley Medal winner.   The Cowley Medal is the highest award of the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy and is only awarded once every 4 years.  The medal is awarded in recognition of lifetime achievement to an international leader in the fields of diffraction physics or microscopy. 

Professor David Muller (PARADIM Director of Electron Microscopy facility) was awarded the The John M Cowley Medal. The award was established to honor the memory of John Maxwell Cowley, esteemed Regents’ Professor and Galvin Professor of Physics at Arizona State University. Cowley was a leader in the field of diffraction, microscopy and crystallography, and he was also the founder of the electron microscopy facility at Arizona State University. 

Lena obit

June 2023:

PARADIM mourns the loss of Dr. Lena Kourkoutis

Lena F. Kourkoutis, M.S. ’06, Ph.D. ’09, (1979- June 25, 2023)

“Lena is among the persons I think of first when I speak of our faculty's commitment to excellence in all aspects of their work,” said Lynden Archer, the Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering.

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Lena headshot

October 2022 :

PARADIM researcher Lena Kourkoutis was named a 2022 APS Fellow.

"For pioneering contributions to the development of atomic-resolution cryogenic scanning transmission electron microscopy as a quantitative tool for probing electronic phases in materials and processes at interfaces between solids and liquids."

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November 2022

Berit Goodge: APL Materials Excellence in Research Award

3rd Prize: Berit Goodge for Disentangling types of lattice disorder impacting superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 by quantitative local probes

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August 2022 :

PARADIM Graduate student Alumna Berit Goodge was named a 2022 Schmidt Science Fellow.

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research image

May 2022 :

Holding the right material at the right angle, Cornell researchers have discovered a strategy to switch the magnetization in thin layers of a ferromagnet – a technique that could eventually lead to the development of more energy-efficient magnetic memory devices.

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April 2022 :

PARADIM REU alumna and current PARADIM user, Zubia Hasan has been awarded a P.D. Soros Fellowship for New Americans.

This fellowship is a merit-based fellowship exclusively for immigrants and children of immigrants who are pursuing graduate school in the United States.

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4 smiling researchers reflected in stainless steel lab equipment

April 2022 :

A program designed to give undergraduate students an introductory summer research experience in materials discovery has been funded through a three-year, $621,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

The grant renews the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program and leverages the Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM) - a national user facility dedicated to accelerating the discovery of next-generation materials for electronics.

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research image

March 2022 : PARADIM Users from Cornell’s Center for Bright Beams, a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center, has developed a technique to create a single-crystal alkali antimonides photocathode, with an efficiency up to 10 times higher than its predecessors.Read More



Darrell Schlom

October 2021 : PARADIM Co-Director, Darrell Schlom, honored with the 2021 American Vacuum Society John A. Thornton Memorial award and lecture. This award recognizes Professor Schlom for his pioneering contributions to the development of molecular-beam epitaxy for the growth of complex oxides and its judicious application to create oxides with unparalleled properties. Read More



David Muller

July 2021 : The Director of the PARADIM Electron Microscopy Facility, Professor David Muller awarded the Ernst Ruska Prize from The German Society for Electron Microscopy

Electronic Microscopy Images

May 2021 : The Highest Resolution Microscope, enabled by a new detector technology, reaches an ultimate resolution limit – the vibrations of atoms themselves


Adv Materials

December 2020 : PARADIM User Project has been selected for the frontispiece in Advanced Materials for December 2020.  

Full Reference: A. Bhargava, R. Eppstein, J. Sun, M.A. Smeaton, H. Paik, L.F. Kourkoutis, D.G. Schlom, M. Caspary Toroker, and R.D. Robinson, “Breakdown of the Small-Polaron Hopping Model in Higher-Order Spinels,” Adv. Mater.32, 2004490 (2020).



Jisung Park

November 30, 2020 : PARADIM Post Doctorate Associate was awarded 2nd place in the 2020 APL Materials Excellence in Research for Fully transparent field-effect transistor with high drain current and on-off ratio


Darrell Schlom

October 20, 2020 : PARADIM Director Darrell Schlom named the 2021 James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials Recipient from the American Physical Society


Crystal structures of hexagonal and cubic LiZnSb.

September 29, 2020 : NAMBE 2019 Best Journal Paper Award Winner by PARADIM Users: Dongxue Du, Patrick J. Strohbeen,  and Jason K. Kawasaki.

Full Reference: D. Du, P.J. Strohbeen, H. Paik, C. Zhang, K. Genser , K.M. Rabe, P.M. Voyles, D.G. Schlom, and J.K. Kawasaki, “Control of Polymorphism during Epitaxial Growth of Hyperferroelectric Candidate LiZnSb on GaSb (111)B,” J. Vac. Sci. Tech. B 38, 022208 (2020).


David Elbert

August 24, 2020 : PARADIM'S Chief Data Officer, David Elbert delivered a talk on 'Streaming Towards Our Quantum Future' at the August 2020 Kafka Summit


Periodic tables representing possible oxides

August 24, 2020 : PARADIM In-house researchers published a comprehensive thermodynamic analysis of the volatility of 128 binary oxides evaluates their suitability as source materials for oxide molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE). 16 solid or liquid oxides are identified that evaporate nearly congruently from stable oxide sources to gas species and additional 24 oxides could provide molecular beams with dominant gas species. Two-phase mixtures are explored as a potential route to achieve the desired congruent evaporation.
Featured as Editor's Pick.
Selected as Journal Cover August 2020 APL Materials.

Full Reference: K.M. Adkison, S.-L. Shang, B.J. Bocklund, D. Klimm, D.G. Schlom, and Z.-K. Liu, "Suitability of Binary Oxides for Molecular-Beam Epitaxy Source Materials: A Comprehensive Thermodynamic Analysis," APL Mater. 8, 081110 (2020).

Dental Enamel Micrograph
July 20, 2020 : A collaboration between Northwestern University, PARADIM's in-house research team, and University of Virginia provides a better understanding of the origins of caries and tooth decay. The Cornell Chronicle features the background "Smile: Atomic imaging finds root of tooth decay " features the background story of the work published in Nature.
EMPAD Sample schematic
July 6, 2020 : When Imaging atoms, blurrier is better - Cornell Chronicle

Journal cover showing laser heating FeRh

June 2020: Magnetization switching in thin film iron rhodium alloy (Fe0.52Rh0.48) demonstrated by local laser heating.
PARADIM Highlight #25
Selected as Inside Cover June 2020 Advanced Materials.

Full Reference: A.B. Mei, I. Gray, Y. Tang, J. Schubert, D. Werder, J. Bartell, D.C. Ralph, G.D. Fuchs, and D.G. Schlom, “Local Photothermal Control of Phase Transitions for On-Demand Room-Temperature Rewritable Magnetic Patterning,” Adv. Mater32, 2001080 (2020).

Spring 2020: A PARADIM user and member of the Goldberger group, Mike Scudder, has received the OSU Presidential Fellowship in the Spring 2020 Competition. This fellowship is the most competitive scholarly recognition of the OSU Graduate School. This award recognizes work performed partially at the PARADIM Bulk Crystal Growth Facility. Mike will return to PARADIM in the future to expand his skills using the unique Floating Zone Furnaces available at PARADIM.
Journal Cover
July 15, 2019: PARADIM Research on Cover of Applied Surface Science Special Issue. Read More: Theory + MBE + ARPES to navigate correlated materials
ptychographic image of molybdenum disulfide
July 18, 2018: Researchers led by PARADIM's David A. Muller using a Cornell-developed EMPAD detector broke the world record for resolution. 
Eun-Ah Kim


April 11, 2017: PARADIM's Eun-Ah Kim collaborates as part of a Group working toward devising next-gen superconductor