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PARADIM in the News

David Elbert

August 24, 2020 : PARADIM'S Chief Data Officer, David Elbert delivered a talk on 'Streaming Towards Our Quantum Future' at the August 2020 Kafka Summit


Periodic tables representing possible oxides

August 24, 2020 : PARADIM In-house researchers published a comprehensive thermodynamic analysis of the volatility of 128 binary oxides evaluates their suitability as source materials for oxide molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE). 16 solid or liquid oxides are identified that evaporate nearly congruently from stable oxide sources to gas species and additional 24 oxides could provide molecular beams with dominant gas species. Two-phase mixtures are explored as a potential route to achieve the desired congruent evaporation.
Featured as Editor's Pick.
Selected as Journal Cover August 2020 APL Materials.

Full Reference: K.M. Adkison, S.-L. Shang, B.J. Bocklund, D. Klimm, D.G. Schlom, and Z.-K. Liu, "Suitability of Binary Oxides for Molecular-Beam Epitaxy Source Materials: A Comprehensive Thermodynamic Analysis," APL Mater. 8, 081110 (2020).

Dental Enamel Micrograph
July 20, 2020 : A collaboration between Northwestern University, PARADIM's in-house research team, and University of Virginia provides a better understanding of the origins of caries and tooth decay. The Cornell Chronicle features the background "Smile: Atomic imaging finds root of tooth decay " features the background story of the work published in Nature.
EMPAD Sample schematic
July 6, 2020 : When Imaging atoms, blurrier is better - Cornell Chronicle

Journal cover showing laser heating FeRh

June 2020: Magnetization switching in thin film iron rhodium alloy (Fe0.52Rh0.48) demonstrated by local laser heating.
PARADIM Highlight #25
Selected as Inside Cover June 2020 Advanced Materials.

Full Reference: A.B. Mei, I. Gray, Y. Tang, J. Schubert, D. Werder, J. Bartell, D.C. Ralph, G.D. Fuchs, and D.G. Schlom, “Local Photothermal Control of Phase Transitions for On-Demand Room-Temperature Rewritable Magnetic Patterning,” Adv. Mater. 32, 2001080 (2020).

Spring 2020: A PARADIM user and member of the Goldberger group, Mike Scudder, has received the OSU Presidential Fellowship in the Spring 2020 Competition. This fellowship is the most competitive scholarly recognition of the OSU Graduate School. This award recognizes work performed partially at the PARADIM Bulk Crystal Growth Facility. Mike will return to PARADIM in the future to expand his skills using the unique Floating Zone Furnaces available at PARADIM.

ptychographic image of molybdenum disulfide
July 18, 2018: Researchers led by PARADIM's David A. Muller using a Cornell-developed EMPAD detector broke the world record for resolution. 

Eun-Ah Kim


April 11, 2017: PARADIM's Eun-Ah Kim collaborates as part of a Group working toward devising next-gen superconductor