User Facilities

User facilities

PARADIM provides a world-class user Materials by design diagramfacility for the discovery of new electronic materials. This is built upon a strong foundation of existing materials growth and characterization equipment, supplemented by significant new facilities made possible by the PARADIM funding. PARADIM has the most advanced and complete set of openly available equipment and expertise in the world for the discovery of new inorganic materials in thin film or bulk form.

PARADIM is a Materials Innovation Platform providing facilities for materials by design for both bulk and thin film materials. PARADIM supports the materials by design philosophy through 4 state of the art user facilities

  • Simulation and Theory at Clark Atlanta and Cornell
  • Bulk Crystal Growth at Johns Hopkins
  • Thin Film Growth at Cornell
  • Electron Microscopy at Cornell
  • Additional characterization and fabrication resources via CCMR, CHESS, and CNF at Cornell

PARADIM facilities are open to all US scientists via a reviewed proposal process.