REU Program @ JHU


Two Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) positions are available at the Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM) facility located on the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Homewood campus in Baltimore, Maryland. The REU students will work in collaboration with Professor Tyrel M. McQueen and Dr. W. Adam Phelan in advancing materials discovery of novel electronic and magnetic quantum materials. REU participants will be integrated in the Institute for Nanotechnology for Biology and Engineering REU program at JHU and participate in additional scientific enhancement opportunities including a professional development lecture series and the annual presentation CARES Symposium.

2019 REU Program Projects

JHU Project 1 (1 student)

PARADIM REU Project Title: PARADIM Data Collective (PDC): Enabling Data-Driven Discovery

Project Description: The successful applicant will work with the PDC team to build the real-time data pipeline for processing and analysis of data generated by PARADIM instruments, with the goal of enabling rapid, data-guided, discovery.

JHU Project 2 (2 students)

PARADIM REU Project Title: Supercritical Fluids for Materials Discovery

Project Description: The successful applicant will utilize world-unique capabilities of PARADIM to carry out materials discovery of materials relevant to in house quantum materials interfacial research.