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About PARADIM's Facilities

Our ground-breaking set of tools allows our users to realize and characterize novel materials efficiently.

Bulk Crystal Growth

The PARADIM Bulk Crystal Growth Facility is located at Johns Hopkins University. Together with the thin film growth facilities at Cornell, it provides unprecedented capabilities for discovery of new materials and interfaces.

Electron Microscopy

Critical to evaluating new materials is the ability to resolve extremely fine physical features, especially the structure of interfaces, defects and strained thin films.

Theory & Simulation

Theory and Simulation are a critical part of the Materials by Design process employed by PARADIM.

Thin Film Growth

The PARADIM Thin Film Growth Facility provides unprecedented capability for the growth and characterization of thin films and interfaces of inorganic materials.

PARADIM's Mission and Vision


Creating new interface materials with unprecedented properties, by design rather than by serendipity, is accomplished in PARADIM through a synergistic set of user facilities dedicated to theory (figuring out where to put the atoms for useful behavior), synthesis (putting the atoms in the targeted positions), and characterization (seeing that the atoms are indeed in the desired positions).
Each of these world-class user facilities is equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and expertise to realize this materials-by-design dream. Users from throughout the nation are using PARADIM to discover and create interface materials for the next generation of electronics and optoelectronics. These new materials are enabling novel ways for electrons to carry information in solid-state devices and efficiently interact with magnetic, electrical, and optical stimuli.

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