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The Materials Innovation Platform (MIP) PARADIM is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and this support needs to be acknowledged in any publication that was made possible by work performed at PARADIM Facilities or with samples or data provided by PARADIM.

Acknowledgment of the use of PARADIM is an important piece to secure continued funding for this midscale facility. Further, users should consider whether the contributions from other members of the PARADIM Platform, e.g., PARADIM staff (above and beyond training), are worthy of acknowledgment or even co-authorship.

In Scientific Publications

For papers in peer-reviewed journals we suggest the following sentence:

“This work made use of the [<synthesis>, <electron microscopy>, <theory>] facility(ies) of the Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM), which is(are) supported by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement No. DMR-2039380.”

Data Availability

The use of PARADIM and associated facilities is free to users from US universities and national labs with approved proposals. In return, all data collected in PARADIM facilities by PARADIM users who were provided with free access must be made publicly available when they publish (or abandon their project). To facilitate this public dissemination of data, PARADIM will mint digital object identifiers (DOIs) for the corresponding data location to allow for easy access and compliance with the Data Availability requirements of many peer-reviewed journals. The public data within each DOI can be adjusted after the DOI is minted. An example of how the data will be presented can be found here: PARADIM will also host the data relevant to each PARADIM project.

For papers in peer-reviewed journals we suggest the following sentence in the Data Availability section:

Additional data related to the <insert appropriate types of data from following list: “growth,” “structural characterization,” “theory”> is available at”

Please reach out to PARADIM ( during preparation, submission, or proof stage of your manuscript and we will provide a data DOI. Please also mention your proposal number in the conversation.

At Conferences

In conference presentations and on posters, listing PARADIM by name only along with your other acknowledgments will suffice. We encourage you to include the official logo of PARADIM where appropriate.

Official logo (Light Background):

PARADIM Logo for light backgrounds

Official logo (Dark Background):

PARADIM Logo Dark Background