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Policy Summary

Proposal Review and Allocation procedure

Approved proposals will be allocated time on limited resources based on the reviews and the scope of the proposal. See Proposal Preparation and Submission for more information.

Safety and Access Policy

Safety is paramount in PARADIM facilities. Users should be aware that these are multi-user facilities accommodating multiple users with a variety of skill levels from external laboratories with a variety of laboratory cultures. As such, certain activities which might be acceptable in an individual faculty lab are not permitted in PARADIM facilities. The laboratory use rules exist to establish a common set of expectations and to protect the users, staff, and equipment. It is the user’s responsibility to know and follow all facility rules.

As PARADIM consists of at least 6 different laboratories and 4 different universities, laboratory rules and standard practice may in fact vary across PARADIM. Individual facility policies and individual instrument policies procedures are included in this policy by reference.

Laboratory Orientation and Training

Once a proposal is approved, individual users identified in the proposal may apply for laboratory access and scheduling at particular approved facilities. PARADIM consists of resources in at least six different laboratories and 4 different universities. Users will be assigned login/access credentials for appropriate laboratories and scheduled for laboratory orientation and safety training.  Each laboratory/university will have specific safety and laboratory orientation training, In addition, each instrument will have specific operational training.  Usage of the laboratory and equipment will be restricted until training and orientation have been successfully completed. At the discretion of PARADIM staff, users may be granted either “supervised access,” “daytime access,” or “unattended access,” i.e., 24x7. The access status provided by PARADIM staff may change over time as a user gains experience and familiarity with the usage of the equipment in a particular PARADIM laboratory; access may also be downgraded.
General laboratory procedures will be posted at each laboratory site and reviewed with each user as part of the safety orientation process.

Equipment Access and Training

PARADIM employs senior technical staff to maintain equipment, develop processes, train users and assist users with their processing/characterization needs. Ultimate authority over each facility rests with the Facility Director and the associated technical staff. The exact mode of user support will vary depending on the complexity of the instrument and the level of expertise of the user. Similarly, the mode of operation of each instrument will vary (e.g. 24x7, daytime only, daytime only with staff, etc.).  The Assistant Director will keep a database of users and level of access.

Users will be required to receive training on each specific instrument. Training is the sole responsibility of the PARADIM staff. Training by other students or training on similar instruments at your home university is not sufficient to gain approved access. Users may be required to receive follow-up safety training or retrain on specific instruments if inactive for more than 1 year or at the discretion of PARADIM staff.  Facility managers will maintain a database of users and training received.

Each major instrument will have a user manual which contains basic operation procedures. The user manual is for reference only; it is not a replacement for required training. In some cases, video or interactive media may be used for training. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, users are granted access to USE tools, not to repair or modify them.

Materials and Chemical Restrictions

Users must disclose all chemicals and materials (growth materials, cleaning materials, substrates, prior films, etc.) to PARADIM. For safety and contamination reasons, PARADIM will restrict the use of certain chemicals and elements. In addition, each experimental tool will have a list of allowed materials. All materials should be considered DISALLOWED until specifically approved for a specific laboratory/tool. New materials MAY be approved on a limited use basis (specific time/instrument/user) or on a more permanent general basis at the discretion of PARADIM laboratory staff.

Users should be aware that shipping of chemical materials (including carrying in personal vehicles) in and out of facilities is restricted by many University and DOT regulations. Such materials shall not be shipped or brought to PARADIM facilities prior to written approval by facility staff. Facility staff will supervise and materials or chemicals entering the facilities.

Sample and Data Ownership Policies

Academic and government projects receive free or subsidized use of PARADIM Facilities. In exchange, samples and data generated by these projects are subject to the following restrictions. No such restrictions apply to industrial (full price) use.

  • Academic and Government Projects:
    It is expected that principal investigators will publish the results of their work at PARADIM in a timely fashion. According to the PARADIM Data Management Plan, data (e.g. growth recipes) will remain confidential to the user for up to one year, after which all data collected in PARADIM facilities will be made public. Principals Investigators may explicitly request reasonable extensions to this timeline if data analysis is ongoing. Details are contained in the complete PARADIM Data Management Policy.

    Samples grown at PARADIM belong to the user but use and transfer is subject to restriction. Samples are for the use of the Principal Investigator and his collaborators.  PARADIM must be acknowledged explicitly by name and grant number in all publications resulting from PARADIM samples. Samples may not be sold, bartered, or otherwise transferred from the Principal Investigator.
  • Industrial Projects:
    Users on industrial projects retain full control of samples and data, in perpetuity. Acknowledgement of PARADIM in open publications is, however, expected.

Harassment and Bias

Users and staff are required to treat each other with respect and in a professional manner. PARADIM will not tolerate harassment or anti-social behavior of any kind. Discipline will be at the sole discretion of the PARADIM or Facility Director.

Discipline and Loss of Access

Failure to follow safety and operational protocols and rules will result in expulsion of the user or termination of the all access for all users under the approved project, or both, at the sole discretion of PARADIM management.

Specific Laboratory Policies

In addition to this general PARADIM policy, users are governed by specific laboratory policies, including:

Code of Conduct