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Realizing a New Rutile Substrate for Epitaxial Film Growth (MIP #64)


Giant Pyroelectric Effect (MIP #63)


Discovery of Multimagnon Bound States in FeI2 (MIP #61)


The Dawn of a New Generation of High-Brightness Electron Sources (MIP #59)


Polytype Engineering—A new Route to Accessing 2D Quantum States (MIP #57)


A PARADIM for Jumpstarting Academic Careers—Update 2022 (MIP #56)


Metal Selenide-Carbon Nanofiber Composites for Battery Anodes (MIP #54)


Quantum View of a Superconductor-Semiconductor Junction (MIP #53)


Remote Epitaxy of 3D functional semiconductors and oxides using Graphene as the Interface layer (MIP #51)

EM image versus theory model

PARADIM – an Incubator for Collaborations II (MIP #50)

EM image versus theory model

Stromataxy – Enabling the (otherwise) Unreachable (MIP #49)


PARADIM – an Incubator for Collaborations (MIP #47)


Unit-Cell-Thick Domains in Quasi-2D Ferroelectric Material (MIP #44)

Device, calculated and experimental data

Transverse Thermoelectrics—A Route to more Efficient Energy Conversion (MIP #41)

Boule and seed

Synchrotron diagnostic imaging of crystal growth processes (MIP #40)

EM and Structural model

Beyond Terfenol-D (MIP #39)

Suboxide Growth rate

Suboxide Molecular Beam Epitaxy—A new Thin Film Growth PARADIM (MIP #38)

Oxide Growth and Theory

Realizing a New Semiconductor for Power Electronic Applications (MIP #32)

Accelerating Users

A PARADIM for Jumpstarting Academic Careers (MIP #31)

Oxide Growth and Theory

A Classic Model for Oxides gets a much-needed Update (MIP #30)

ARPES and RHEED Data and stick figures

Accelerating Materials Discovery by Empowering Users—the MIP Difference(MIP #28)

dental enamel micrograph

PARADIM accelerates discovery of nanoscale chemical gradients in human enamel crystallites (MIP #26)

Cartoon of writing process

Materials Enabling a Magnetic “Midas Touch” (MIP #25)

Remote Epitaxy

Mollifying Barriers to Enhance Self Assembly (MIP #19)

Pseudocubic (hk1) plane in xray diffraction

Floating Zone Crystal Growth at Record Oxygen Pressure to Create a PrNiO3 Single Crystal (MIP #18)

Boron carbide Bulk Single Crystal

Growth of Stoichiometric B4C Single Crystal by Laser Floating-Zone Method (MIP #9)