Key publications of the In-house Research

key publications

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Scientist Publications

scientific pubs

  • W. Seffens, F. Abebe, C. Evans, and X.-Q. Wang, “Spatial Partitioning of miRNAs is Related to Sequence Similarity in Overall Transcriptome,” IJMS 17, 830 (2016).
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User Publications (non-In-House Research)

non in house

  • P.J. Robinson, G. Liu, S. Ciborowski, C. Martinez-Martinez, J.R. Chamorro, X. Zhang, T.M. McQueen, K.H. Bowen, and A.N. Alexandrova, “Mystery of Three Borides: Differential Metal–Boron Bonding Governing Superhard Structures,” Chem. Mater. 29, 9892–9896 (2017).
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Other Publications Acknowledging use of PARADIM Facilities

Other pubs

  • L.T. Alameda, C.F. Holder, J.L. Fenton, and R E. Schaak, “Partial Etching of Al from MoAlB Single Crystals to Expose Catalytically Active Basal Planes for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction,” Chem. Mater. 29, 8953–8957 (2017).
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    Pre-Print Publications Acknowledging PARADIM


    • E. Gerber, Y. Yao, T.A. Arias, and E.A. Kim, “Ab Initio mismatched Interface Theory of Graphene on α-RuCl3: Doping and Magnetism,”
    • B.B. Zhou, P.C. Jerger, K.H. Lee, M. Fukami, F. Mujid, J. Park, and D.D. Awschalom, “Spatiotemporal Mapping of Photocurrent in a Monolayer Semiconductor Using a Diamond Quantum Sensor,”
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