Educational Resources

PARADIM annually hosts summer schools at Johns Hopkins University and Cornell University. These approximately one-week long schools combine lecture and hand-on experiences. If you were unable to attend one of our summer schools, you have access to the full lecture series for each summer school via this website.

Links to on-line summer school lecture video series:

  1. Bulk Crystal Growth: Johns Hopkins, 2016
  2. Density Functional Theory (DFT) for Experimentalists: Cornell, 2016
  3. Materials Growth and Design: Design-Driven Synthesis of Topological Materials: JHU, 2017
  4. Electron Microscopy: Cornell, 2017
  5. Materials Growth and Design: Exotic Magnetic States in Quantum Materials: JHU, 2018

In addition to the technical content, PARADIM summer schools also offer content designed to address the challenges of working effectively and creatively in interdisciplinary teams. You will also find this content within the webpage for each of the summer schools listed above.