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Bulk Crystal Growth Facility

at Johns Hopkins University


The PARADIM Bulk Crystal Growth Facility is located at Johns Hopkins University. Together with the thin film growth facilities at Cornell, it provides unprecedented capabilities for discovery of new materials and interfaces.



Capabilities and Highlights

Bulk Crystal New Capabilities

Floating Zone Suite

Floating Zone Suite

The only facility within the United States where all major optical FZ techniques are available at a single site. In addition, it is the first location in the world to have optical floating zone capability at 300 atm, and has 1000 bar oxygen laser pedestal/zone furnace in development.

Floating Zone Machine Learning

Machine Learning 

The first deep learning model of crystal synthesis to assist facility users as they optimize synthesis conditions and accelerate the realization of their materials design plans.

Floating Zone Furnace Suite

Ultra High Oxygen Optical Floating Zone CAD Schematic

Ultra High Pressure Oxygen Optical Laser Pedestal/Zone Furnace

Four-Mirror Xe FZ

Four-Mirror Xenon Floating Zone Furnace

High Pressure Supercritical Fluid Optical Floating Zone Furnace

Real-time Tilting Laser Diode Optical Floating Zone Furnace

Four-Mirror Halogen

Four-Mirror Halogen Floating Zone Furnace

Complementary Synthesis Capabilities

Ultrahigh Temperature Midscale Induction Bridgman/CZ Furnace

Spark Plasma Sintering

Spark Plasma Sintering

Spark Plasma Sintering

In Situ Observability Tools


Ancillary Synthesis Suite

Accessory Tools


X-ray diffraction Suite


Sample Alignment and Cutting


Characterization in Three Dimensions


Magnetic and Electrical Physical Property Measurements

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Bulk Crystal Growth Team


Dr. Satya Kushwaha

Dr. Satya Kushwaha serves as the Associate Director of the Bulk Crystal Facility. Dr. Kushwaha specializes in ultra-high purity crystal growth and structure-property relationship of Quantum Materials.

Tyrel McQueen

Dr. Tyrel McQueen 

Leading the PARADIM Bulk Crystal Growth Facility since its inception in 2016, Dr. Tyrel McQueen continues to develop groundbreaking capabilities to support users.  Dr. McQueen's research into solid state chemistry materials is focused on the discovery of new phenomena through the design and synthesis of new materials.