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Travel to PARADIM Facilities


PARADIM has on-site user access facilities at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Users are encouraged to come to the PARADIM facilities to complete their experimental work. Travel policies and arrangements depend on the type of institution the user comes from.

Industrial and Government Users, Users from Major Research Universities

Travel expenses are the responsibility of the user. 

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PARADIM users @ Cornell may take advantage of a special rate at the Best Western University Inn at a rate of $90.00 (Sun.-Thurs.), $125.00 (Fri.-Sat.); Higher rates may apply during special university events. To make a reservation, contact the hotel (607-272-6100) and request the PARADIM rate. Please feel free to contact the PARADIM administrative staff at Cornell ( for updates special rates prior to booking your trip to Ithaca.

Further information related to visiting Cornell can be found at

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Contact JHU staff for travel information to their facility. See JHU User Visitor Guide for more information.


Users from non-R1 US Academic Institutions

Financial travel assistance is available to users from smaller academic institutions. Eligible users will be notified during the proposal process.

paradim will reimburse as follows:

Economy Airfare: Lowest direct point to point scheduled airfare

Mileage: PARADIM will reimburse personal mileage at the current approved IRS rate

Lodging at Cornell: PARADIM will reimburse for lodging at the University Best Western Inn (see rate information above)

Lodging at Johns Hopkins: Options may vary by season. See JHU User Visitor Guide for more information.

Food: Food will generally be reimbursed by adjusted per diem. The current M&IE per diem rates can be found here: GSA Per Diem Rates; First and last travel day are reduced by 25%. Meals for one day trips are reimbursable via receipt ONLY.

Approval: Trips must be pre-approved by PARADIM. Users expecting travel reimbursement should contact and receive approval from the PARADIM office prior to making ANY travel arrangements or reservations.

Policy and Reimbursement: Reimbursements for travel to both Cornell and Johns Hopkins will be processed at Cornell via standard Cornell Travel Reimbursement procedure. Travel is governed by the applicable Cornell University Travel Policies. Contact Brenda Fisher for reimbursement instructions.

Summer Schools

Rules and procedures may vary. Contact Jim Overhiser for more information.

User Facility COVID-19 Update

PARADIM is a national user platform, with facilities in the middle of Cornell and Johns Hopkins University campuses. As part of the Cornell and Johns Hopkins communities, we adhere to local and State policies to support the health and well-being of our campus communities.

Please stay updated on issues, restrictions and health recommendations related to the coronavirus and COVID-19 with the following list of relevant resources:

Cornell's Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Updates

JHU’s COVID-19 information

The Center for Disease Control 

The CDC COVID-19 Prevention Website  

The National Science Foundation Response 

The World Health Organization

Past status updates:

As of September 1, 2021, all PARADIM facilities at Cornell and JHU are operational for on-site access. Given the ever evolving nature of the pandemic and related mitigation requirements, please feel free to reach out for details on in-person access at

External users at Cornell will have to agree and sign the "External User Agreement during COVID". The current testing data and status of campus access can be found on the Cornell COVID dashboard (

As of February 4th, 2021, all PARADIM facilities at Cornell, JHU, and Clark Atlanta are operational for remote access and limited on-site access. Our scientific staff is available to discuss Sample-by-Mail options. Given the ever evolving nature of the pandemic and related mitigation requirements, please feel free to reach out for details on in-person access at

We are currently accepting applications for the PARADIM Summer Programs. The implementation of the various elements will be adapted to the continuously changing situation and all applicants will be informed in due time.

As of June 20th, 2020, also PARADIM facilities at Johns Hopkins University are available for fully remote work. PARADIM Trainees will assist remote users in appropriate and efficient use of the facilities. Details of the current stage of reactivation of all PARADIM facilities can be found here.

As of May 29th, 2020, PARADIM facilities at Cornell University started reactivation of our on-site research activities. Based on university regulations we will be starting with in-house and local users. External users from the wider PARADIM community, will be supported by PARADIM staff scientists though remote access and sample-by-Mail options.