Education & Outreach


PARADIM isn't just about research, it is also about education at many levels. Our education programs  are designed to create a new generation of researchers; a community of practitioners who take a team-based approach to materials discovery. 
For undergraduates, our 10-week Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program provides an introductory research experience in the growth and/or structural/electrical characterization of transition metal oxides or chalcogenide thin films currently being researched as next generation electronic materials. PARADIM REU interns work in the PARADIM labs alongside our technical staff.  Projects are scaled to be challenging yet achievable within the program time frame.
For graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and research professionals, we offer one-week summer schools during which participants are immersed in a seminar and hands-on workshop environment to learn the following techniques:

  • Bulk crystal growth school at Johns Hopkins University (annually)
  • Microscopy, theory, and thin film growth are topics that rotate annually for the Cornell University Summer School
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration - given the team-based nature of the materials-by-design approach, each summer school will also include content focused on strengthening researchers' team and communication skills

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Summer Schools