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PARADIM offers summer school programs involving hands-on use of PARADIM facilities to help educate PARADIM’s community of practitioners and advance the field through the cross-fertilization of ideas. Through these summer schools, we are training the next generation of technologists—people who are accustomed to designing and creating new interface materials with atomic precision and have the skills necessary to capitalize on useful new interface material ideas and make them a reality.
Participants are immersed in a seminar and hands-on workshop environment. The lectures for each summer school are recorded and available for viewing on the PARADIM website.

Topics of summer schools to date include:
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  • 2021: Frustrated magnetism meets Topology


A team-based, multidisciplinary approach to materials-by-design is needed to increase the pace of new materials discovery. To that end, every summer school includes sessions designed to develop the team skills necessary to enable creative and productive collaborations among theorists, film/crystal growers, and microscopists/materials characterization experts. These sessions will bring an awareness to the challenges of team-based efforts and highlight strategies for reaping the benefits of collaborative work.
There is no registration fee for US-based researchers from academic institutions.  Researchers from foreign institutions and industry may apply, but will incur fees for participation. See individual  summer school pages for more information.