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Betty Hu
Columbia University 
A next-generation system for artificially engineering quantum materials by molecular beam epitaxy 
Mark Marsalis 
Texas Tech University 
Seeing and building 3D structures from 2D materials 
Arthur McCray 
Carleton College 
Understanding nanostructured materials atom-by-atom using scanning transmission electron microscopy 
Cameron Ruhl 
Dickinson College 
Structural and Electrical Characterization of Oxide Thin Films Grown by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy 
Nicolo Zulaybar
Stanford University
Synthesis and Characterization of the Next Generation of Electronic Crystalline Matter


Daniel Bouman 
CSU Fullerton 
Design and Manipulation of Ferroelectric Domains in BaTiO3 Thin-Films
Kaynan (Kay) Goldberg 
North Carolina State University 
Compositional Analysis of Off-Stoichiometric Multiferroic LuMnO3 and Electrode Nanopatterning of (SrTiO3)n (BaTiO3)1 SrO Thin Films
Morgan Grandon 
Truman State University 
Electrical and Structural Characterization of Superconducting Ruthenate Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) Thin Films 
Jacob Waelder 
University of Washington 
Tracking atoms in 2D materials using subatomic electron beams 
Heather Calcaterra 
University of Michigan
Probing Single Crystal Growth Experimentally and through Computational Simulations
Maggie Anderson 
The California Institute of Technology
Characterization of Multiferroic Thin Films Generated with Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Vibha Vijayakumar 
Stanford University
Investigation of Ferroelectric Properties of Oxide Superlattices at Low Temperatures: How do Strain, Dimensionality, and Polarization Compete in the Low-Dimensional Structure, (SrTiO3)n(BaTiO3)mSrO?


Miguel Castro-Rivera  
University of Puerto Rico  
Understanding the Structure of Germanium Sulfide (GeS)
Anthony Coleman  
Chicago State University
STEM Imaging and Composition Mapping of Multiferroic Oxides
Stephanie Eberly  
North Carolina State University  
Implementing a Functional ARPES System
Iryna Glushchenko  
Princeton University  
 Investigating the Structure of Multiferroic Oxides with STEM Imaging and Diffraction Mapping
Cesar Lema  
New York University  
Growing and Characterizing Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (2D TMDs) Materials for PARADIM Users
Marcus Marracci  
California State University Fullerton  
Growing and Designing 2D Transition Metal Dichalogenide (2D-TMDC) Materials for PARADIM Users
Ken Ho  
Automating a Cryogenic Transport System for Measuring Quantum Materials
Yonghun Lee  
Non-Equilibrium Investigations of Canted Antiferromagnet Under Flowing Electrical Current
Cyrus Zeledon 
Spin-Orbit Torques from SrRuO3-SrIrO3 Epitaxial Heterostructure
Will Zhang  
Development of a Multipurpose Ultrahigh Vacuum System for Electrical and Optical Measurements of Surface-Modified Quantum Materials
Zak Kennedy
Georgia Institute of Technology
 High Dynamic Gas Pressure Single Crystal Growth
Jessica Zahn
Sewanee University of the South
Systematic Floating Zone Single Crystal Growth for Machine Learning Objectives  
Michael Straker
Morgan Sate Unversity
Crystal Growth and Characterization of Boron Carbide


 Jonathan Ortiz
New Mexico State Univ.
Improving the Capabilities of PARADIM’s MBE Hardware
Priscila Santiesteban 
Coe College
Understanding the structure of IV-VI semiconductors
Jarek Viera
University of North Georgia
Growing 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (2D-TMDC) Materials for PARADIM Users
Samuel Straney
College of Nanoscale Engineering, Albany
Growing 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (2D-TMDC) Materials for PARADIM Users
Caroline Fedele
University North Florida
Electrical and Structural Characterization of Superconducting Ruthenate Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) Thin Films
Oluchi Onwuvuche
University of District of Columbia
Growth of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Superstructures with Conducting Interfaces
Phoebe Appel
Automation of Floating Zone Processes using Data Analytics 
Julia Trowbridge
Colorada State University
Crystal Growth of “Active Substrates” for Quantum Material Thin Films


Rachael Keneipp
University of Pennsylvania
Atomic-scale control and atomic-resolution identification of superconducting thin films and interfaces
Sophia Madelone
Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Designing and Building Mechanical Parts for MOCVD Facility
Patrick Singleton
Harvard University
 Characterization of epitaxial oxide pyrochlores with unusual physical properties for novel electronic applications
Chase Hanson
Arizona State University
Atomic and Electronic Structure of Nickelate Superconductors
Joseph Dil
University of Minnesota
Design of an Improved Ozone Injector Nozzle for Oxide Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Jessica Dong
Harvard University
 Development of a next-generation Ultra-High Vacuum electrical transport system at PARADIM
Zubia Hansan
Johns Hopkins
 Effect of Strain on the Atomic, Electronic, and Vibrational Properites of RuO2
Jacob Steele
Carnegie-Mellon University
Understanding the Nucleation Kinetics of Ga2O Suboxide MBE by RHEED Intensity Data Analysis
William Taranta
Cornell University
Using machine learning to quantify the symmetry breaking of STM twisted bilayer graphene data
Boris Tsang 
Cornell University
Simulation of ARPES spectra of quantum materials
Bryce Coyne
Occidental College
Screening of MnBi2Te4 as an axiom insulator through electronic structure calculations
Deidre Grogan 
Morgan State University
Building open training stacks for image segmentation of boron carbide experiments.
Morgan Fernandez 
Bryn Mawr College
Laue interfacing moving parts with computer and writing program to give real life data about position and how to move crystals. 
Jason Zhang 
Johns Hopkins
Understanding the fermionic physics of double-Dirac materials and its physical property characterizations


Nimit Mishra
UC Riverside/UCLA
Atomic Properties of Hexagonal Boron Nitride from First Principles
Hannah Porter
Harvey Mudd College
Probing structural and electronic phases in novel infinite-layer nickelate thin films with atomic resolution
Jessica Show
Harvey Mudd College
Characterization of epitaxial oxides on fluorite substrates for novel electronic applications
Alex Kurland
Cornell University
Design of in situ Shadow Mask for Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Lanette Espinosa
California State University-Fullerton
Probing 2-dimensional quantum materials at the atomic scale with scanning transmission electron microscopy
Nathaniel Luis
Harvey Mudd College
Determination of the influence of non-stoichiometry and disorder on superconductivity and spectral characteristics in a high-temperature superconductor.
Sarah Uttormark
St. Olaf College
Ab initio study of mismatch layered superconductors
Avery Lenihan
Western Kentucky University
Streaming by Design: A new paradigm to optimize the PARADIM data ecosystem
Muchiri Mbugua
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Development of New High Pressure Laser Pedestal Synthesis Capabilities
Megan Michaud
Clarkson University
Tunable spin splitting in the two-dimensional transition metal chalcogenides. 
Luc Capaldi
The University of Vermont
Development High Pressure Floating Zone Materials
Beatriz Avila-Rimer
Characterizing lattice and electronic Structure in narrow gap semiconductors with cryogenic scanning transmission electron microscopy
Sean Chang
Structural and Electrical Properties of Dysprosium Barium Copper Oxide (DyBa2Cu3O7-δ) Thin Films


Ethan Ray
Georgia Tech
Growth and Characterization of Ferroelectric KTaO3 Films and KTaO3/KNbO3 Superlattices.
Anna Capuano
Development of real-time integration tools for the comparison of angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) data and density functional theory (DFT) band structure predictions.
Xu Qing
Characterization of untwined epitaxial PdCoO2 and its electronic structure study
Jayda Shine (PREM)
CAU/ Spelman
Can BaFe12O19 be Transmuted into a Room-Temperature Ferrimagnetic Ferroelectric?
Yacob Melman
Quasi-2D metallic oxides with electrical conductivities rivaling copper and silver
Kevin Hernandez 
UC Berkley
Tracking a metal-insulator transition in a ruthenate thin film with cryo-STEM
Evan Krysko
Penn State 
Characterization of ruthenate thin films to check for unconventional topological superconductivity and optical transparency
Ciaran Mackenzie
Alfred State
Toward ⍺-(AlxGa1-x)2O3 By Suboxide MBE
Reid Markland
Auburn University
Emergent Topological and Hierarchical Ordered Structures (ETHOS)
Jordan Brown (PREM)
Clark Atlanta University
Electronic and vibrational properties of electron-doped transition-metalnitride halidesRNX(R= Zr, Hf andX= Cl, Br, I) from first principles
Saisrinivas Gudivada
UC Berkley
Integration of density functional theory band structure calculations withangle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
Nicholas Redwing 
Penn State 
(5-week research, 5-week shadowing in MBE)
Erdem Ozdemir
University of Michigan
Microwave Activation of Semiconductor Dopants
Joey Lin
Millimeter-wave Electrical Permittivity of Semiconductors and Insulators
Catherine Philips
Harvey Mudd
Creating the Materials Innovation Infrastructure of MGI 2.0: Streaming by design for materials characterization
Abby Neill
University of Texas
Development and Construction of New High Pressure and Temperature Capabilities
Morgan Dierolf
Penn State
New Qubit Host Materials for Quantum Information Science and Engineering
Bianca Brown (PREM)
Clark Atlanta University
Development of Novel Polar and Ferroelectric Substrates for Heterostructure Integration
Julia Camacho Wejbrandt
Johns Hopkins
Creating the Materials Innovation Infrastructure of MGI 2.0: Streaming by design for materials characterization 
Sam Dawley
Johns Hopkins
Creating the Materials Innovation Infrastructure of MGI 2.0: Streaming by design for materials characterization
Christian Johnson (Shadow)
Clark Atlanta University
(13 days shadowing experience)


Henry Bowman
Carleton College
Optimizing the Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) Growth and Preparation of β-Ga2O3
Ishani Cheshire
University California, Berkley
Visualizing and quantifying structural distortions of an unstable phonon-mode
Yufan Feng
Electrical transport study of metallic delafossites by tuning thickness and dopant concentration
Casey Kim
Optimizing Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 Thin Films with Varying Cation Flux Ratio Grown by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Tomas Kraay
Laser-heated Termination of Oxide Single Crystal Substrates
Adrianna LaVopa
University of Florida
MBE growth of ferrite multiferroics and related phases
Kira Martin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne
Growth and Doping of ⍺-(AlXGa1-X)2O3 using Suboxide Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Ian Mercer
North Carolina State University
Epitaxial growth and characterization of the first five members of the layered Srn+1RunO3n+1 oxide series
Pheandria (PJ) Miller
Texas A&M University
Growth of high-temperature superconducting cuprate thin films
Luke Omodt
Augsburg University
Pb2Ir2O7 Thin Film Growth for Spin Transport
Nicholas Redwing
Pennsylvania State University
Epitaxial stabilization of the hexagonal polymorph of ScFeO3
Hayley Ruddick
Arizona State University
Superconductivity in ferroelectric KTO
Yongwen Zheng
University of Michigan
Measuring strain at sharp interfaces using 4D-STEM
Jayson Johnson
Howard University
Incorporating machine learning into free energy calculations to aid in the synthesis of rare earth nickelates
Aviana Judd
University of Kentucky
Tuning the Properties of Er 3+ Hosts for Improved Quantum Information Processing
Ganon Murray
Earlham College
Comparing various rare-earth vanadate growth techniques for the purpose of demonstrating the end-to-end implementation of the GEMD (Graphical Expression of Materials Data) platform for laboratory metadata instantiation.
Nathan Song
University California, Berkley
ML driven design of oxidation resistant superconductors" (continuation of Carson's work)
Selena Coye
Clark-Atlana University
Surface analysis of b-ga2o3 growth by suboxide molecular beam epitaxy


Xavier Baza
Investigating the process of pseudomonas biofilm mitigation with iodine vapor
Julianne Chen
Penn State
Growth and Doping of ⍺-(AlXGa1-X)2O3 using Suboxide Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Morgan Congdon
University of Florida
Emergent Topological and Hierarchical Ordered Structures (ETHOS)
Vivianna Glick
Haverford College
Oxide Growth Using Adsorption-Controlled Windows
Sonia Hasko
Princeton University
KTaO3, KNbO3, and EuTaOusing molecular beam epitaxy and thin film characterization techniques
Soren Hellyer
Iowa State University
Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) Growth and Characterization of Thick Homoepitaxial β-Ga2O3
Lawerence Qiu
Tufts Univeristy
Searching for a Chern Insulating State in LaRuO3/LaAlO3 Heterostructures
Vianne Stanford
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Probing strongly correlated phases in oxides at atomic scale with scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM)
Isaac Van Orman
Carleton Colleg
Probing metal-insulator transitions in oxide thin films with cryo-STEM
Eric Welp
Penn State
project title
Sebastian Grabill
Calvin University
Innovative Materials Innovative Infrastructure of MGI 2.0
Madalyn Gragg
Oregon State Univeristy
Topotactic Superconductor Discovery
Shreenithi Katta
Georgia Tech
Exploration of Nickelate Synthesis with High Pressure Floating Zone techniques
Naman J. Parikh
Carnegie-Melon University
Innovative Materials Innovative Infrastructure of MGI 2.0
Quenton Simmons
University of Virginia
Exploratory Hydroflux Synthesis of Copper Tellurates
Clara Jackson
Clark Atlanta University

Superlattice of h-LuFeO3 and CoFe2O4 as a potential room-temperature multiferroic

Controlling the p-type conductivity of SnO thin films

Robin Rouseau
Clark Atlanta University
Probing materials at atomic scale
Sedar Johnson
Morehouse College
Strain-stabilized superconductivity in binary oxide rutiles