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PARADIM REU Summer Program – Authentic research

PARADIM Highlight #81—Education and Outreach (2023)

Jim Overhiser, PARADIM Director, Education and Outreach

PARADIM has hosted 98 undergraduate interns since its inception in 2016. A central goal of the program is to provide undergraduates students from across the country with an authentic, independent research opportunity. Interns work alongside mentors and perform projects that are directly involved with advancing the science of PARADIM. REU’s gain first-hand experience in a top research facility using state-of-the-art equipment performing research that directly contributes to advancing research. PARADIM REU’s have contributed to 12 published papers. 2 of these papers were issued with the REU’s as the lead author (Arthur McCray ‘16 and William Straker ’18). A list of the REU published papers can be found at

REU Students

In addition, a broader impact of the PARADIM REU program is to serve as a career trajectory for undergraduates. Many of our interns have moved on into graduate programs in related fields. Former PARADIM interns are pursing graduate degrees at:

  • Cornell (6),
  • Harvard (3),
  • MIT (2),
  • Penn State (2),
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (2),
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Stanford (2),
  • University of Michigan (2),
  • Northwestern (2),
  • University of Chicago (2),
  • UC Berkley,
  • UC Santa Barbara,
  • Caltech,
  • Imperial College (London),
  • UC Irvine,
  • University of Florida.
  • 2 REU alumni are now PARADIM trainees (Evan Krysko, Jacob Steel)
  • 2 have joined the PhD programs at PARADIM universities (Abbey Neil, Joseph Dill). Information on PARADIM Alumni can be found at
Research Highlight
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