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REU Spotlight: Jayson Johnson, Howard University ’26

PARADIM Highlight #88—Education and Outreach (2023)

Jim Overhiser, PARADIM Director, Education and Outreach (Cornell University)

Jayson Johnson, a rising sophomore and Karsh STEM Scholar at Howard University participated in the 2023 PARADIM REU Summer Program at PARADIM’s Bulk Crystal Growth Facility at Johns Hopkins University. During the 10-week program Jayson worked hand in hand with JHU graduate student Thomas Whoriskey on a project entitled “Incorporating machine learning into free energy calculations to aid in the synthesis of rare earth nickelates.” At the end of the summer, Jayson presented the result of his effort, the online tool Ternary Oxide Synthesis Predictor with Integrated Reactant Exploration.

Smiling student presenting research poster

Figure 1: Jayson Johnson, Karsh STEM Scholar | Vivien Thomas Scholar | Howard University '26 | Mechanical Engineering | Math and Computer Science Double Minor

Jayson has also presented on his research at:

During his REU, Jayson participated in several professional development sessions that focused on science communication and presenting science research and has continued working with the bulk facility to further refine his tool.

Unique Feature(s) of the MIP that Enabled this Achievement:

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) has been an integral part of PARADIM since its inception in 2016,

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