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General Support Equipment

Argon Glovebox

  An argon inert atmosphere glovebox is available for sample manipulations. Access to other synthesis, processing, and characterization tools available on a case-by-case basis.








Wire Saw
Wire saw

  STX-202A diamond wire saw for precision  
  cutting of oriented single crystals with 0.5-degree accuracy.













diamond blade saw
Diamond Blade Saw


Crystal Systems diamond wire saw for precision cutting of oriented single crystals with 0.5-degree accuracy.









South Bay Technology polisher/grinder for processing samples prior to characterization (e.g., SEM micrograph acquisition) and physical properties measurements (e.g., resistance vs. temperature).
















Scanning Electron Microscope

SEM with EDS option: JEOL JSM-IT100 SEM for micrograph acquisition with EDS attachment for elemental mapping.













Instrument Scientist: