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Periodic tables representing possible oxides

A comprehensive thermodynamic analysis of the volatility of 128 binary oxides evaluates their suitability as source materials for oxide molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE). 16 solid or liquid oxides are identified that evaporate nearly congruently from stable oxide sources to gas species and additional 24 oxides could provide molecular beams with dominant gas species. Two-phase mixtures are explored as a potential route to achieve the desired congruent evaporation.
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Full Reference: K.M. Adkison, S.-L. Shang, B.J. Bocklund, D. Klimm, D.G. Schlom, and Z.-K. Liu, "Suitability of Binary Oxides for Molecular-Beam Epitaxy Source Materials: A Comprehensive Thermodynamic Analysis," APL Mater. 8, 081110 (2020).