REU Participants


Ms. Betty Hu
Intern Major & College: Applied Physics, Columbia University
PI: Kyle Shen
REU Project Title: A next-generation system for artificially engineering quantum materials by molecular beam epitaxy

Betty Hu comes from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Growing up in a college town as the daughter of two scientists, she was exposed to science from a young age and liked to come up with science experiments in her parents’ garage, which they were rarely happy about. She spent two summers working in Professor Nouri Neamati’s chemistry lab at the University of Michigan before coming to Columbia University, where she switched disciplines and recently finished her freshman year as an applied physics major. If she ever graduates, she plans on pursuing a graduate degree as well. In her free time, Betty enjoys napping in sunny spots, eating, and exploring New York City with her friends.

2016 REU - Mark Marsailis Mr. Mark Marsalis
Intern Major & College: Physics and Math, Texas Tech University
PI: David Muller
REU Project Title: Seeing and building 3D structures from 2D materials

Mark was born in Detroit, Michigan, and he moved to Houston, Texas when he was about six years old. After graduating high school, he was accepted to Texas Tech University where he is a senior currently pursuing a double major in Physics and Mathematics. He had done some research in Astrophysics for about a year before moving on to research in Nanofabrication. He is open to exploring any field of Nanotechnology, while not solely focusing on the material science aspect of it all. After he graduates, he plans to attend graduate school for Physics where he will continue to conduct research in a desired field of Nanotechnology. Outside of academia, some of Mark’s hobbies consist of martial arts, hiking, bike-riding, swimming, working out. He also reads any magazines, books, or articles pertaining to any field of science and technology that catch his interest.
2016 REU - Arthur McRay

Mr. Arthur McCray
Intern Major & College: Physics, Carleton College
PI: Lena Fitting Kourkoutis
REU Project Title: Understanding nanostructured materials atom-by-atom using scanning transmission electron microscopy

Arthur is a rising junior and physics major at Carleton College. His interests include general condensed matter physics, nanotechnology, math, as well as sculpture and pottery. This past year he has been working in the lab of Professor Melissa Eblen-Zayas with colossal magnetoresistance in europium oxide films, and he hopes to continue this project in his remaining time at Carleton. He is from Seattle, Washington and loves hiking, climbing, mountaineering, and just about anything outdoors. In addition, he plays ultimate frisbee for the Gods of Plastic, enjoys reading, and occasionally gets super passionate about chess for two months at a time.

2016 REU - Cameron Ruhl

Mr. Cameron Ruhl
Intern Major & College: Physics and Mathematics, Dickinson College
PI: Darrell Schlom
REU Project Title: Structural and Electrical Characterization of Oxide Thin Films Grown by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy

Cameron Ruhl comes from Camp Hill, a small town located directly across the Susquehanna River from Pennsylvania’s capital, Harrisburg. Currently, he attends Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where he is a double major in both mathematics and physics; he will be a senior next semester. He is interested in nearly all areas of science, although he is particularly interested in the material sciences, plasma physics, theoretical physics, and areas of both pure and applied mathematics. In his free time, he reads about the history of science, especially mathematics and physics, different theories from mathematics and physics, as well as fantasy. He also enjoys playing video games, hanging out with his friends, and having lively discussions about a wide variety of topics. He is a dedicated teaching assistant; this role allows him to help other students to understand different aspects of the sciences. Furthermore, he has been an avid advocate for the education learning disabilities and of concussions ever since he was diagnosed with ADHD during high school and with Post-Concussion Syndrome during his freshman year of college. Cameron plans to pursue a PhD in material science, plasma physics, or theoretical physics, with the intention of performing research before becoming a professor later on in life.

2016 REU - Nicolo Zulaybar

Mr. Nicolo Zulaybar
Intern Major & College: Chemistry (EE Minor), Stanford University
PI: Tyler M. McQueen
REU Project Title: Synthesis and Characterization of the Next Generation of Electronic Crystalline Matter

Nicolo Zulaybar graduated from Chaminade College Preparatory High School in Los Angeles and currently studies Chemistry at Stanford University where he will be a junior in the fall. He is interested in Materials Science and Electrical Engineering. Nicolo’s experiences developing electronic materials as a member of Stanford’s Xia Lab have sparked his interest in using Chemistry to build novel electronic systems and devices. He hopes to continue pursuing these interests as an investigator at a major research university, an interest developed from his research involvement throughout his academic career, and his experiences teaching and mentoring as an officer in his high school robotics and Science Bowl teams. Outside of lab, Nicolo enjoys socializing with his siblings in Stanford’s Alpha Chi Sigma chemistry fraternity, going on weekend bike rides, and traveling.