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FEI Titan Themis 300 S/TEM

FEI Titan Themis 300 S/TEM
  • Field emission gun (X-FEG)
  • Cs probe aberration correction
  • Fully aligned for operation at 60kV, 80kV, 120kV and 300kV
  • high-speed GIF Quantum for EELS mapping
  • Gatan K2 direct electron detector at the back of the spectrometer for rapid core-loss EELS mapping and energy-filtered low-dose TEM
  • 100meV energy resolution with monochromation
  • EMPAD for electromagnetic field, strain and polarization mapping
  • Cryo-box for low temperature experiments
  • Lorentz lens for field free imaging
  • High-brightness cold field emission gun upgrade scheduled for Fall 2020
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