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EMPAD Detector

  • High-speed, high-dynamic range momentum-resolved electron microscope pixel-array detector developed by Muller and collaborators
  • Quantitative metrology of structure and physical properties at the atomic scale
  • Picometer-precision measurements of lattice constants
  • Quantitative characterization of strain, crystal orientation, local polarity
  • Measurements of electric and magnetic fields
  • Ptychography e

FEI Titan Themis 300 S/TEM

  • Field emission gun (X-FEG)
  • Cs probe aberration correction
  • Fully aligned for operation at 60kV, 80kV, 120kV and 300kV
  • high-speed GIF Quantum for EELS mapping
  • Gatan K2 direct electron detector at the back of the spectrometer for rapid core-loss EELS mapping and energy-filtered low-dose TEM
  • 100meV energy resolution with monochromation
  • EMPAD for electr

NION UltraSTEM 100

  • Cold field emission gun (CFEG)
  • Cs probe aberration correction
  • Sub-Angstrom-scale probe with 0.1 nA of current enables imaging with sub-angstrom (<0.1 nm) resolution
  • Electron optics can be changed to produce a 2-3 angstrom probe with 1 nA or more of current for analytical purposes
  • Optimized for high-spatial and spectral resolution EELS
  • High-stability stage enables atomic-resolution

FEI T12 BioTwin TEM

  • Typically operated at 120 kV (can easily be aligned at 60, 80, and 100kV if needed)
  • Electron source: Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) crystal or a Tungsten (W) filament
  • Cryo-box enables imaging at both room and cryogenic temperatures
  • Fully motorized eucentric goniometer stage, tilt range ±80°
  • High-resolution, high-contrast, thermoelectrically cooled Gatan Orius® 1000 dual-scan CCD camera

TFS Helios G4 UX DualBeam FIB

  • Elstar electron column with the next-generation UC+ technology enables high resolution secondary and backscattered imaging even at low voltages
  • Advanced Phoenix Ion Column with Fast Beam Blanker
  • High resolution milling not only at high voltages, but even down to low voltages critical for production of high-quality lamella with minimal damage layers for TEM
  • Beam currents extend three times higher than previously available
  • Sample

TFS Spectra 300 Kraken S/TEM + X-CFEG

  • Delivered in Spring 2020 and currently being installed
  • Ultrabright cold field emission gun (CFEG) provides 10-fold improvement in brightness over the Titan STEM
  • Cs probe aberration corrector (S-CORR)
  • High-solid angle (1.7 Sr) x-ray detectors for sub-angstrom elemental mapping
  • Rapid EELS mapping at 0.3eV energy resolution with GIF Continuum + Dual EELS
  • EMPAD for electromagnetic field,

Specialized in situ cooling/heating/biasing holders

  • HennyZ variable temperature dual tilt LN2 cryo-holder for sub-angstrom imaging near liquid nitrogen temperature and above (100-1000K)
  • DENSsolutions in situ heating/biasing dual-tilt holder allows in-situ heating and biasing experiments at temperatures up to 1000°C while still preserving atomic resolution
  • High-tilt, dual axis and 360° tomography holders for 3D-reconstructions
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