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EMPAD Detector

  • High-speed, high-dynamic range momentum-resolved electron microscope pixel-array detector developed by Muller and collaborators
  • Quantitative metrology of structure and physical properties at the atomic scale
  • Picometer-precision measurements of lattice constants
  • Quantitative characterization of strain, crystal orientation, local polarity
  • Measurements of electric and magnetic fields
  • Ptychography e

Sample Publications Using this Instrument

H.T. Philipp, M.W. Tate, K.S. Shanks, L. Mele, M. Peemen, P. Dona, R. Hartong, G. van Veen, Y.-T. Shao, Z. Chen, J. Thom-Levy, D.A. Muller, and S.M. Gruner, "Very-High Dynamic Range, 10,000 frames/second Pixel Array Detector for Electron Microscopy," (2021).

FEI/Thermo Fisher Titan Themis CryoS/TEM 60-300kV

FEI/Thermo Fisher Titan Themis CryoS/TEM 60-300kV

Physical Sciences Building Rm B-91


Field emission gun (X-FEG)

Cs probe aberration correction

Fully aligned for operation at 60kV, 80kV, 120kV and 300kV

Sample Publications Using this Instrument

S.H. Sung, N. Schnitzer, S. Novakov, I. El Baggari, X. Luo, J. Gim, N. Vu, Z. Li, T. Brintlinger, Y. Liu, W. Lu, Y. Sun, P. Deotare, K. Sun, L. Zhao, L.F. Kourkoutis, J.T. Heron, and R. Hovden, "Two-Dimensional Charge Order Stabilized in Clean Polytype Heterostructures," Nat. Commun. 13, 413 (2022).

NION UltraSTEM 100

NION UltraSTEM 100

  • Cold field emission gun (CFEG)
  • Cs probe aberration correction
  • Sub-Angstrom-scale probe with 0.1 nA of current enables imaging with sub-angstrom (<0.1 nm) resolution
  • Electron optics can be changed to produce a 2-3 angstrom probe with 1 nA or more of current for analytical purposes
  • Optimized for high-spatial and spectral resolution EELS
  • High-stability st

FEI T12 BioTwin TEM

  • Typically operated at 120 kV (can easily be aligned at 60, 80, and 100kV if needed)
  • Electron source: Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) crystal or a Tungsten (W) filament
  • Cryo-box enables imaging at both room and cryogenic temperatures
  • Fully motorized eucentric goniometer stage, tilt range ±80°
  • High-resolution, high-contrast, thermoelectrically cooled Gatan Orius® 1000 dual-scan CCD camera

TFS Helios G4 UX DualBeam FIB

  • Elstar electron column with the next-generation UC+ technology enables high resolution secondary and backscattered imaging even at low voltages
  • Advanced Phoenix Ion Column with Fast Beam Blanker
  • High resolution milling not only at high voltages, but even down to low voltages critical for production of high-quality lamella with minimal damage layers for TEM
  • Beam currents extend three times higher than previously available
  • Sample

Sample Publications Using this Instrument

L. Caretta, Y.-T. Shao, J. Yu, A.B. Mei, B.F. Grosso, C. Dai, P. Behera, D. Lee, M. McCarter, E. Parsonnet, Harikrishnan K.P., F. Xue, X. Guo, E.S. Barnard, S. Ganschow, Z. Hong, A. Raja, L.W. Martin, L.-Q. Chen, M. Fiebig, K. Lai, N.A. Spaldin, D.A. Muller, D.G. Schlom, and R. Ramesh, "Non-Volatile Electric-Field Control of Inversion Symmetry," Nat.

Specialized in situ cooling/heating/biasing holders

  • HennyZ variable temperature dual tilt LN2 cryo-holder for sub-angstrom imaging near liquid nitrogen temperature and above (100-1000K)
  • DENSsolutions in situ heating/biasing dual-tilt holder allows in-situ heating and biasing experiments at temperatures up to 1000°C while still preserving atomic resolution
  • High-tilt, dual axis and 360° tomography holders for 3D-reconstructions
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