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TFS Helios G4 UX DualBeam FIB

TFS Helios G4 UX DualBeam FIB
  • Elstar electron column with the next-generation UC+ technology enables high resolution secondary and backscattered imaging even at low voltages
  • Advanced Phoenix Ion Column with Fast Beam Blanker
  • High resolution milling not only at high voltages, but even down to low voltages critical for production of high-quality lamella with minimal damage layers for TEM
  • Beam currents extend three times higher than previously available
  • Sample stage is a 150 x 150 mm eucentric piezo stage with an in-chamber Nav-Cam for accurate positioning of samples
  • EasyLift EX NanoManipulator enables fully or semi-automated TEM sample preparation, significantly reducing the time required to produce specimens.
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