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Jisung award

PARADIM Researcher, Jisung Park, was awarded 2nd place in APL Materials Excellence in Research - 2020. Jisung Park is a postdoc at Cornell University. His research focuses on growth of oxide heterostructure by molecular beam epitaxy and pulsed laser deposition, structural and electrical characterization of material properties.


Citation: J. Park, H. Paik, K. Nomoto, K. Lee, B.-E. Park, B. Grisafe, L.-C. Wang, S. Salahuddin, S. Datta, Y. Kim, D. Jena, H. G. Xing, and D. G. Schlom, “Fully Transparent Field-Effect Transistor with High Drain Current and On/Off Ratio,” APL Materials 8, 011110 (2020).