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We encourages interested scientists from academia, government, and industry to submit proposals for PARADIM resources. All access to PARADIM resources are via an externally reviewed proposal process. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. We are currently accepting proposals for hands-on use of our thin film, bulk crystal, characterization, and theory facilities. PARADIM staff will instruct and assist users in meeting their experimental goals.  Projects can be conducted on-site by the user or remotely by collaboration with PARADIM staff.  Later, a mechanism will be established for users to request samples of previously grown and characterized materials.


PARADIM facilities are exclusively for the growth and characterization of novel electronic materials and interfaces. Furthermore, the PARADIM is a materials-by-design platform. Successful user proposals are expected to make full use of the iterative design loops involving the three aspects of PARADIM resources–Growth, Characterization, and Simulation–to develop and understand new interface electronic materials.


The User Information menu will direct potential users to the necessary resources for submitting a proposal and accessing PARADIM facilities.


MRS User Meeting 2018

MRS User meeting 2018