EMPAD Detector

EMPAD Detector
  • High-speed, high-dynamic range momentum-resolved electron microscope pixel-array detector developed by Muller and collaborators
  • Quantitative metrology of structure and physical properties at the atomic scale
  • Picometer-precision measurements of lattice constants
  • Quantitative characterization of strain, crystal orientation, local polarity
  • Measurements of electric and magnetic fields
  • Ptychography enables 2.5-fold improvement in resolution over current state of the art methods

Sample Publications Using this Instrument

H.T. Philipp, M.W. Tate, K.S. Shanks, L. Mele, M. Peemen, P. Dona, R. Hartong, G. van Veen, Y.-T. Shao, Z. Chen, J. Thom-Levy, D.A. Muller, and S.M. Gruner, "Very-High Dynamic Range, 10,000 frames/second Pixel Array Detector for Electron Microscopy," arXiv.org/2111.05889 (2021).

Z. Chen, Y. Jiang, Y.-T. Shao, M.E. Holtz, M. Odstrčil, M. Guizar-Sicairos, I. Hanke, S. Ganschow, D.G. Schlom, and D.A. Muller, "Electron Ptychography Achieves Atomic-Resolution Limits Set by Lattice Vibrations," Science 372, 826-831 (2021) and Highlight #42.

Z. Chen, M. Odstrcil, Y. Jiang, Y. Han, M.-H. Chiu, L.-J. Li, and D.A. Muller, “Mixed-State Electron Ptychography Enables Sub-Angstrom Resolution Imaging with Picometer Precision at Low Dose,” Nat. Commun. 11, 2994 (2020) and Highlight #27.

Y. Jiang, Z. Chen, Y. Han, P. Deb, H. Gao, S. Xie, P. Purohit, M.W. Tate, J. Park, S.M. Gruner, V. Elser, and D.A. Muller, “Electron Ptychography of 2D Materials to Deep Sub-Ångström Resolution,” Nature 559, 343–349 (2018) and Highlight #6.

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