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PARADIM Summer REU Participants

REU Jordan Brown

Ms. Jordan Brown (2022)

Intern Major and College: Chemistry, Clark-Atlanta University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Betul Pamuk

PARADIM REU Project: Electronic and vibrational properties of electron-doped transition-metalnitride halidesRNX(R= Zr, Hf andX= Cl, Br, I) from first principles

Jordan Brown is from Atlanta, Ga and she is a rising Senior at Clark Atlanta University, in Atlanta, Ga. She is in the Dual Degree program at her institution pursuing a Chemistry degree and will transfer to a partnering institution for her engineering degree. At CAU, she is working with Dr Dinadayalane Tandabany in conducting computational research on various subtopics. She is currently working on calculating Thermochemistry in Gaussian 16. Jordan is also a leader in the Mighty Marching Panther band and has an online business. In her free time, Jordan enjoys creating art, cooking, and reading. 

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REU Jayda Shine

Ms. Jayda Shine (2022)

Intern Major and College: Physics and Astronomy at Spelman College

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Evan Yilin Li

PARADIM REU Project: Can BaFe12O19 be Transmuted into a Room-Temperature Ferrimagnetic Ferroelectric?

Jayda Shine was born in Clarksville, Tennessee and  attends Spelman College where she is majoring in Physics and Aerospace Engineering. Jayda has a goal to work someday for NASA. She is happy to participate in PARADIM as it is her first REU experience. In her free time she loves to watch Marvel movies, and have read dystopian novels. 

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REU Bianca Brown

Ms. Bianca Brown (2022)

Intern Major and College: Chemistry, Clark Atlanta University

PI: Tyrel McQueen

Johns Hopkins Mentor: Tyrel McQueen

PARADIM REU Project: Development of Novel Polar and Ferroelectric Substrates for Heterostructure Integration

Bianca Brown was born in Bronx, NY, but was raised in Georgia and is currently attending school at Clark Atlanta University. She is majoring in Chemistry and hopes to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and then go on to medical school. At CAU Bianca is doing research with Dr.Li trying to create a reversible covalent organic framework and discover polymers. In her free time, Bianca enjoys time with her friends, reading, and spending time trying out different recipes.

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Selena Coye (2023)

Major and College: BS in Physics,  Clark-Atlanta University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Katie Azizie

PARADIM SREP Project: Surface analysis of b-ga2o3 growth by suboxide molecular beam epitaxy

BIO: Selena Coye graduated Clark Atlanta University Cum Laude with a Bachelor of science in Physics. She will be returning to Clark Atlanta University this fall to pursue a Master of Physics. She has done undergraduate research in characterization of tungsten disulfide on sapphire, and MoS2 on sapphire and silicon. In her free time, she enjoys stargazing and shopping.


 (Unpublished work: posted at a later date)