Joe Dill

Mr. Joseph Dill

Intern Major and College: Physics, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Darrell Schlom

PARADIM REU Project: Design of an Improved Ozone Injector Nozzle for Oxide Molecular-Beam Epitaxy


Joseph Dill  is from Mendota Heights, MN. He is a rising senior at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities pursuing a major in physics. At his home university, Joseph works with Dr. Paul Crowell studying spin dynamics in ferromagnet-semiconductor heterostructures. In his spare time, Joseph enjoys running, playing the cello, and studying New Testament Greek.

Currently:   Cornell Applied Physics Ph.D. program

Jessica Dong

Ms. Jessica Dong

Intern Major and College: Physics, Harvard University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Brendan Faeth

PARADIM REU Project: Development of a next-generation Ultra-High Vacuum electrical transport system


Jessica Dong was born in North Dakota and has been living in Uvalde, Texas for the past 6 years. She is currently a rising junior at Harvard majoring in Physics. While at Harvard, she has been conducting research with Professor Julia Mundy in the field of designing new quantum materials with molecular beam epitaxy. Here, she gained experience using atomic force microscopy to evaluate film surface topography and has been working on developing a fluorination chamber for post-film growth treatment. She is excited to build upon these experiences throughout the PARADIM REU. In addition to research, she is involved in educational outreach. During the semester, she devotes her time to serving as a mathematics teaching assistant and volunteering at an after-school enrichment program in Dorchester, MA. She aims to attend graduate school, where she hopes to continue conducting research. In her free time, she enjoys running, curating playlists, and drawing comics.



Ms. Zubia Hasan

Intern Major and College: Physics, Johns Hopkins University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Betul Pamuk

PARADIM REU Project: Effect of Strain on the Atomic, Electronic, and Vibrational Properites of RuO2


Zubia Hasan was born in Karachi , Pakistan and moved to the US to pursue a bachelors degree at Johns Hopkins. Interested in both physics and chemistry, she majored in physics but chose to do research at the interface of both subjects. She has been working at McQueen Lab since her freshman year on high temperature superconductivity and exotic magnetism. She is very interested in novel forms of magnetism and plans on pursuing this interest further in graduate school. Outside of academics, Hasan enjoys reading South Asian Literature and playing with cats and increasing visibility of women in STEM fields.


Harvard Graduate student (Mundy group)

Soros Fellowship winner


Mr. Chase Hanson

Intern Major and College: Physics and Mathematics, Arizona State University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Betul Pamuk

PARADIM REU Project: Atomic and Electronic Structure of Nickelate Superconductors


Chase Hanson was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and is a rising senior at Arizona State University studying physics and mathematics. He is interested in pursuing a career in theoretical condensed matter physics and is fascinated by the fundamentals of strongly correlated systems as well as the truly bizarre physical phenomena that come from various topological phases of matter. He has worked with faculty at Arizona State University and staff scientists at Los Alamos National Lab. Other than school, his hobbies include computers, Reddit, Twitter (@fizsx), and watching the Star Wars prequels.


Rachael Keneipp

Ms. Rachael Keneipp

Intern Major and College: Physics, University of Pennsylvania

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Eren Suyolcu

PARADIM REU Project: Atomic-scale control and atomic resolution identification of superconducting thin films and interfaces


Rachael Keneipp was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, Rachael is a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania studying physics. Through her research experiences, Rachael has developed a passion for experimental materials research with an interest in exploring materials with unique emergent properties. Her research at the University of Pennsylvania focuses on the development and applications of 2D ferromagnetic materials as an avenue for creating quantum bits. Rachael plans to attend graduate school to pursue a PhD in Physics, Applied Physics, or Materials Science and Engineering. Outside of the lab, she enjoys powerlifting, horseback riding, and swing dancing. 


Sophia M


Ms. Sophia Madelone 

Intern Major/College: Nanoengineering, SUNY Polytechnic's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE)

PI: Darrell Schom

Cornell Mentor: Saien Xie

PARADIM REU Project: Designing and Building Mechanical Parts for MOCVD Facility


Sophia Madelone was born and raised in Burnt Hills, New York for the past 16 years. This fall she will be a junior at CNSE as she continues towards her major in Nanoengineering. At the college, for her first two years, she has been working in the organic chemistry lab of Professor Robert Brainard on the MORE project (Molecular Organometallic Photoresists for EUV). She has completed research in the form of exploring new ideas by synthesizing compounds that are of interest in the photolithography industry and show promise of being good photoresist materials. Outside of school, Sophia likes to spend time hanging with friends, playing tennis, reading, and listening to her favorite artists. 


Patrick S

Mr. Patrick Singleton

Intern Major and College: Physics, Harvard University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Felix Hensling

PARADIM REU Project: Characterization of epitaxial oxide pyrochlores with unusual physical properties for novel electronic applications


Patrick Singleton was born in Niagara Falls, New York and is currently enrolled as an undergraduate at Harvard University with a joint concentration in Math and Physics. His interests include topics in material science and number theory. In his free time, Patrick likes to make music, run and play basketball. In the future, he plans to pursue a degree in Applied Physics.

Jacob S

Mr. Jacob Steele

Intern Major and College: Material Science Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Patrick Vogt

PARADIM REU Project: Understanding the Nucleation Kinetics of Ga2O Suboxide MBE by RHEED Intensity Data Analysis’


Jacob Steele was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and currently goes to school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Carnegie Mellon University. At CMU, Jacob is a rising senior majoring in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in electronic materials, additionally, he has conducted research on the thermal stability of gallium oxide schottky contacts for high energy applications. This summer, Jacob will be working on a project titled ‘Understanding the Nucleation Kinetics of Ga2O Suboxide MBE by RHEED Intensity Data Analysis’. His future plans are to attend graduate school for a doctorate in electronic materials, hopefully with a focus on green energy applications. In his freetime, Jacob enjoys listening to music, trying new food, and talking to friends."

Currently: Cornell graduate student, Material Science Engineering (Schlom Group)

Wiliam T

Mr. William Taranto

Intern Major and College: Physics, Cornell University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Eun-Ah Kim

PARADIM REU Project: Using machine learning to quantify the symmetry breaking of STM twisted bilayer graphene data


William Taranto was born and raised in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He currently studies physics at Cornell University in the class of 2021. Will has been working on describing the symmetry breakings that magic angle twisted bilayer graphene exhibits under different voltage biases. Specifically, he is using machine learning techniques to quantify the degree of such symmetery breakings. He believes that computing is the future of physics, and enjoys employing advanced computational techniques to solve physical problems. In Will's personal time, he enjoys listening to classical music, reading Tolkein's literature, playing Magic: The Gathering, and personal programing projects.


Mr. Boris Tsang

Intern Major and College: Physics, Cornell University

PI: Darrell Schlom

Cornell Mentor: Kyle Shen

PARADIM REU Project: Simulating ARPES measurements of quantum materials


Boris Tsang is a rising senior majoring in physics at Cornell. After joining Professor Kyle Shen's research group in the spring of 2019, he drafted the vacuum chamber support frames that were later installed in Cornell's CONQUEST (Creation and Observation of Novel Quantum Electronic Structures) facility and performed electron transport measurements on a variety of epitaxial thin films. Prior to the suspension of research activities in March, he was implementing a system for mounting thin-film samples in vacuo during the transfer between MBE and ARPES systems. Outside of the lab, Boris is serving his second term as the photography editor of The Cornell Daily Sun, an independent newspaper run by Cornell students. He also enjoys speedcubing and currently averages around twelve seconds on the 3x3.

Currently: MIT graduate student, Physics


Bryce C

Mr. Bryce Coyne

Intern Major and College: Physics, Occidental College

PI: Tyrel McQueen

JHU Mentor: Veronica Stewart

PARADIM REU Project: Screening of MnBi2Te4 as an axiom insulator through electronic structure calculations


Bryce Coyne was born in Colorado and grew up in Woodinville, Washington. He is a rising senior at Occidental College in Los Angeles pursuing a major in physics. He has previously worked as a research assistant with the University of Alabama at Birmingham under Dr. Vladimir Fedorov, where he focused on the spectroscopic characterization of various iron doped crystals for mid-infrared laser applications. In February 2020 he presented this research at Photonics West in San Francisco. He is an active member of the Occidental community as a pitcher on the college’s baseball team. In his spare time, Bryce enjoys traveling, visiting art museums, and listening to music and podcasts. 

Morgan F

Ms. Morgan Fernandez

Intern Major and College: Physics, Bryn Mawr Colege

PI: Tyrel McQueen

JHU Mentor: Shannon Bernier

PARADIM REU Project: Laue interfacing moving parts with computer and writing program to give real life data about position and how to move crystals.  


Morgan Fernandez  is a rising senior at Bryn Mawr College studying Physics and Economics. She has an interest in materials science and ways to incorporate the study of new materials into renewable energy applications. She has been involved in materials research including working with a post doc in the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI). In her free time Morgan likes to dance and is on the executive board of two dance clubs at BMC.

Deidre G

Ms. Deidre Grogan

Intern Major and College: Chemistry, Morgan State

PI: Tyrel McQueen JHU

Mentor: David Elbert 

Project: Building open training stacks for image segmentation of boron carbide experiments. 


Deidre Grogan is a junior chemistry major at Morgan State University. This is her first internship and she is excited to learn from experts in their fields. She will be working on labeling radiographs of experiments on boron carbide for her summer project. Outside of school her interests include musical theatre, journaling and nutrition.

Xi Zhang

Mr. Xin (Jason) Zhang

Intern Major and College: Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

PI: Tyrel McQueen JHU

Mentor: Tanya Berry 

Project: Understanding the fermionic physics of double-Dirac materials and its physical property characterizations


Xin (Jason) Zhang is from Russellville, Arkansas. He is a rising sophomore at The Johns Hopkins University pursing a major in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and a minor in business. He is working on data analysis remotely using various statistical and analytical software on understanding the band structures and fermionic physics of various topological materials, particularly double-Dirac materials. Jason’s personal research interests are in magnetic materials. Previously, he has worked on the synthesis of Spintronic materials. In his free time, Jason enjoys outdoor hikes, breakdancing, practicing Taekwondo, and listening to music with friends.