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PARADIM Summer Schools 2016-2019


PARADIM offers summer school programs that combine lectures and hands-on learning in the PARADIM facilities to educate and grow PARADIM’s community of practitioners. We also advance the field by providing sessions designed to develop the team skills necessary to enable creative and productive collaborations among theorists, crystal growers, and materials characterization experts. Through these summer schools, we are developing the next generation of technologists with the skills necessary to accelerate the discovery of atomically engineered inorganic materials that revolutionize electronics.

All summer school lectures are available in PARADIM’s Materials-by-Design Toolbox.

Summer Schools at Johns Hopkins University:

2016: Materials Growth and Design
2017: Design-Driven Synthesis of Topological Materials
2018: Exotic Magnetic States in Quantum Materials
2019: Materials Growth and Design with Big (Materials) Data

Summer Schools at Cornell University:

2016: DFT for Experimentalists
2017: Electron Microscopy
2018: DFT for Experimentalists
2019: MBE + ARPES

18% of successful user proposals were submitted by summer school participants





34% F 19% URM 23% non-R1 68% grad students
66% M 72 % non-URM 70% R1 15% post-docs
  9% no response 7% other 9% faculty
4% undergraduate
4% staff scientists










JHU Summer School 2017
JHU Summer School Class of 2017